What do I do with my Air Conditioning & How to Choose?

With all the information out there, Where do I start ???

-Does your facility maintenance guy or your DIY professional have the right knowledge or tools? 

-Who do you trust?

-How much will it cost?

-Will they try to sell me something I don't need?

-Where will I figure all this out?

Sometimes too much information turns us from being informed, to being confused and paralyzed with information overload.

Heating and Air Conditioning issues can be confusing and scary.  The unknown is the worst part.

  *We can help you through all these concerns and get your systems back in order with only what it needs along with some of our professional recommendations for future consideration.

Current Recommendations

Commercial Customers:  

Depending on your Heating and or Cooling needs, we recommend quarterly filter changes along with periodic inspections based on the equipment and use of your facility.  

  *We would be happy to schedule a complimentary walk through and discussion regarding your needs and concerns.

Residential Customers:  

Equipment manufactures recommend a seasonal inspection of you air Conditioning system to verify that everything is working properly.  The simple fact that it turns on and blows air is not an indication that everything is in good working order.  

Mechanical equipment has many moving or critical parts that wear down, get dirty, or potentially create more expensive repairs.  

Yearly inspections to keep the system running at its best & most efficient condition is recommended. 

  *We can offer one time Service and Repair options or a reoccurring Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Service depending on your needs.    

Current Promotions / Deals

* Initial diagnostic service fee waived with your approval of a major repair during the same visit.  

* Free second opinions on air conditioning repairs or replacement quotes over $ 1,000.